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Founded in 1940, the Mintie Corporation began as modest specialty maintenance service company and has grown into a company with an international reputation for excellent service and innovative products. Mintie provides indoor air quality management, preventative maintenance solutions, and portable containment products for airborne particulates, infection control, and bio-security. Mintie has pioneered an approach to creating client partnerships that are relationship-based, result-oriented, and draw from our many innovative methodologies, processes and decision tools. Our client base is comprised of a diverse mix of companies, ranging from market leaders to entrepreneurial start-ups within healthcare, biotechnology, entertainment, aerospace, manufacturing and commercial real estate. This web site provides an informative introduction to Mintie. We appreciate your interest and invite you to contact us directly to discuss how our solutions can help your company reach its containment requirements and indoor environmental air quality goals.

Our History

The Mintie Corporation's 80 year history is a story of dedication, commitment and discipline whose first chapters came from Ernest H. Mintie. As time passed, his sons James L. Mintie and Robert W. Mintie became his co-authors. Now, Ernest's grandsons Kevin J. Mintie and James M. Mintie continue the family’s tradition of excellence in both quality of service and customer satisfaction.

  • 1940

    The Mintie adventure started 71 years ago on San Fernando Road by founder and chairman Ernest Mintie in Los Angeles. Although the company has moved as it has grown, the location, much like the company values, has stayed close to its roots. Ernest's grandsons, Kevin and James, continue to run the business in line with the principles that Ernest established.

    Beginning in 1940, the business was providing specialty maintenance services and air conditioning (Vortex) filter cleaning. Ernest Mintie knew that for his company to succeed it must focus on meeting the changing needs of markets and customers, so constant evolution became one of the most important aspects of Mintie's growing business. One of Ernest's first evolutions was his investment in one of the first Spin Dry machines for cleaning air and grease filters on the west coast.

  • 1950

    In 1950, Robert joined his brother James to become a part of the family business. The company moved from San Fernando Road, to Crocker St. to Raymond Avenue in LA and then to Orange Grove Ave in Burbank. In a strange coincidence the business moved back into the original location, although they didn't realize it at the time. Currently the company headquarters is still on San Fernando Road, in a custom building a few blocks away from where it all started.

  • 1977

    Kevin joined James L. Mintie and Robert W. Mintie to help run the family business about 10 years after Ernest retired. Straight out of USC, Kevin brought a raw energy that reinvigorated the company. After a couple years of learning the ropes, he believed it was possible to double the amount of business within a year. Kevin focused on working with existing and previous clients, and was he able to accomplish his goal within the second quarter and had nearly tripled business by the end of the year. Like his grandfather and father, Kevin paid special attention to getting to know customers and tending to their needs. Through close personal relationships, a skilled staff and constant availability, the company was able to meet its clients' requirements.

  • 1981

    In 1981, Kevin's brother Jim joined the company. Jim, also a USC graduate with a degree in Public Relations, came with a background in New York working at Daniel J. Edelman, a prestigious Public Relations firm ranked in the top 10 public relations companies in the US. Jim's experience helped him redefine Mintie's image as a brand and as a superior provider of indoor air quality management services.

    Jim's approach created a public awareness that allowed Mintie to expand out of the aerospace industry and into indoor air quality management at health care facilities. Health-care facilities required services, but are very concerned with the ability of contractors to maintain the cleanliness and safety standards that protect patients. As the company's reputation spread, so did the demand for their services. With this new direction, the company's growth more than doubled. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Jim serves on several healthcare and business foundation boards in the greater Los Angeles Area. He is passionate about continuing his family's tradition of giving back to society. The Mintie product line developed as an offshoot of its maintenance work. In order to control the spread of airborne particulates during various service operations, Mintie and its employees started creating containment devices to meet the special needs of the hospital environment. Other contractors began requesting the units and soon a new business opportunity was born.

  • 2003

    In 2003, the traditionally serviced based company made a bold move when it introduced a line of containment units called the Environmental Containment Unit (ECU) designed to control the spread of harmful airborne particles during construction or maintenance.

  • 2005

    The company introduced the ECU2 in 2005 - the next generation of the industry leading ECU product line of collapsible, portable containment products. The innovative modular design gave the ECU2 more flexibility and functionality. To give customers the benefit of this design, the ECU2 Bundle pairs two ECU2s with modular cuffs (1' and 5'), the Corridor Flange accessory and a Negative Air Machine. Together, these components can be used to meet a wide variety of construction containment scenarios or to isolate a wing of a facility - satisfying a previously unmet need for a portable surge capacity solution.

  • 2011

    Today, Mintie is a highly recognized prestigious company providing indoor air quality management, preventative maintenance, portable infection control, mass isolation and environmental containment solutions for its national and international client base. Mintie has partnerships with companies like Grainger, Fisher Safety, Hazmasters and Acklands Grainger. This gives the company wide product availability and convenient quality servicing. Mintie has also developed strategic alliances with organizations like APIC, ASHE, and CSHE to create and promote educational materials for infection control practitioners and facility management. These partnerships and alliances are a testament to the quality of the Mintie product and part of the greater Mintie mission of improving hospital safety.

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James M. Mintie

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Director, Channel Sales

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Embracing Change with Innovative Technology Solutions

To continue leading the industry with innovative products and the highest quality services which provide clients with safer, healthier, and more productive environments.


Superior Products and Services

Mintie is dedicated to providing superior air quality management, preventative maintenance services and portable containment products which help clients meet relevant health and safety standards with minimal disruption and maximum satisfaction. Our innovative solutions, individualized touch and positive attitude generate repeat business.

Corporate values

Your experience matters to us

Customer Focused

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

What sets Mintie apart from other companies is that at Mintie we build close personal relationships with our customers. Through these relationships and our ability to respond, we are able to help our clients and customers find flexible solutions to their challenges.

Continuous Evolution

Tracking New Market Technologies

At Mintie, evolution is a must. We carefully track the market for new opportunities as well as focusing on ways to meet the changing needs of our customers. Everything we do today is an evolution of our past. This continuity is a source of our expertise.

Innovative Thinking

Embracing Change & Promoting Creativity

At Mintie nobody fears change; we embrace it. Since the beginning, innovative thinking has been the backbone of our growth. We know that for the company to continue to succeed, it must continue to evolve. Therefore, we are constantly challenging each other to think differently and improve business practices.

Effective Communication

Encouraging Open Dialogues

Innovative ideas come from many different places. We make sure we are listening to our employees, customers, and our partners. At Mintie, everybody is encouraged to communicate their opinions and concerns.

Company Transparency

Maintaining a Culture of Collaboration

Mintie actively maintains a collaborative culture where employees feel they have a stake in the success of the company and where their efforts make a difference. This drive for inclusion goes beyond the company, however, and welcomes client and partner participation. Expanding the collaborative circle allows all of our stakeholders to be part of the process or the change. This drives continual improvement and is the source of our quality and customer satisfaction. The success of our initiatives is based in this broad-based contribution of ideas and the company-wide support they receive.

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