Infection Prevention and Safety in Hospitals

Hospitals worldwide have faced many challenges during this pandemic, including strained resources as they worked tirelessly to control the spread of the virus and keep their patients and staff safe. With a vaccine approved and currently in distribution, we begin to see an end to a long and difficult time. While it will be many months before we have full distribution of the vaccine, we continue to learn what we can do better to prevent or slow the spread of highly contagious viruses, particularly within hospital settings.

Moving forward, hospitals and care facilities can review their current best practices in infection control and look for opportunities to develop, implement or upgrade strategies and protocols to provide the best possible protection for frontline workers and patients. Whether new construction, retrofits or other temporary and flexible solutions, investing in HVAC systems with appropriate components and infrastructure ensures maximum flexibility in handling the expected and unexpected. has an informative article, “5 Hospital HVAC Design Strategies for the Post-COVID-19 World,” to help facilitate discussions with a qualified indoor air quality management services company such as Mintie LLC on your HEPA filtration, air handling unit, negative pressure environment, and return air and exhaust air needs.

Mintie was founded in 1940 and has been a premiere leader in indoor air quality management services and product solutions development, portable infection control, mass isolation and environmental containment solutions. The company plays a national and increasingly international role in designing and developing innovative products and service solutions that work toward a safer, healthier and more productive environment for our clients.