Making a Difference to a Hospital in a Time of Need

A distributor of the Mintie ECU4, Spykor Environmental, recently provided a much-needed mobile containment unit to Schuyler Hospital in New York state. The Environmental Containment Unit (ECU4) was donated by the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters Local 277 to the hospital.

During the pandemic, the benefit of this portable dust containment unit could not come at a more crucial time. The ECU4 can assist the hospital with any renovation work required on-site at the facility.

The portable containment unit, when paired with a HEPA-filtered negative air machine, will safely contain airborne contaminants and facilitate containment projects easier while meeting all of the required codes and standards every time for all types of construction jobs, such as:

  • Communication / IT Cabling projects
  • Plumbing
  • Pneumatic Tubing installation and maintenance
  • HVAC installation and maintenance
  • Electrical systems installation and maintenance
  • Firewall repair and fire inspection
  • Professional A&E inspections
  • Lighting fixture re-lamping & ballast replacement

The new ECU4 has been clinically evaluated and rigorously tested for efficacy of particle containment, ventilation, and stability in health care environments for Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) containment requirement levels 1-4.

The Local 277 Carpenter’s Union believes in giving back and ensuring that patients are a priority when patient safety is tested daily due to the devastating impact that Covid-19 is having across hospitals.

“We selected Schuyler hospital to donate a full containment unit that maintenance and facility can use to protect patients while they are in the hospital if they have to do in-house maintenance work,” said Fred Swayze, Council Representative Local 277 Carpenter’s Union.

The healthcare workers at Schuyler Hospital and Schuyler Health are sincerely appreciative of this gift and grateful for the ongoing support from the Carpenter’s Union.

“This donation from the Carpenter’s union is amazing! It really showcases the community support we’ve received over the last year and before then. This is so necessary and a wonderfully generous gift,” said Tiffany Bloss, Director of Schuyler Health.

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