Mintie ECU4 Corridor Flange assists with Surge Capacity during Pandemic

A recent Associate Press article states that California took 292 days to get to 1 million coronavirus infections, but only 44 days to top 2 million. Hospitals are stretched beyond normal capacity, causing some to treat patients in tents, offices, even auditoriums.

Healthcare facilities need to respond to potential circumstances of mass isolation surge capacity quickly and safely. Having a flexible solution to accommodate these unpredictable demands and needs is important, especially given the current, fixed infrastructures of many hospitals and care facilities.

A potential pandemic or large-scale outbreak of disease requires hospitals to establish areas of isolation where any virus can be fully contained using physical barriers and a negative pressure system to prevent airborne illnesses from spreading through heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Mintie, LLC. is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing, distribution and deployment of environmental containment units (ECU), which allow the creation of collapsible, portable and modular containment units or temporary isolation spaces. The latest model, the ECU4, stores easily and can scale rapidly to accommodate large numbers of people or cover large areas including a hospital floor or wing with the addition of the corridor flange. The innovative design meets all ICRA containment requirement levels 1-4 and has been clinically tested and evaluated for efficacy of particle containment, ventilation and stability.

Contact Mintie for a contingency plan for pandemic surge capacity that will assist with mass isolation and further stop the surge of Covid-19 infections at hospitals.