5′ Cuff Extension

Modular Cuff Accessory
The modular connector cuff assembly allows for easy connection of two ECU2 units, forming a larger containment area. The 1' or 5' connector cuff can be used depending on the requirements of the maintenance or construction job. Connected with the 5' cuff, and in conjunction with the corridor flange to seal a hallway or ward, the ECU2 can be used as an expanded anteroom for mass isolation.

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Maintenance and Construction

  • Unified containment space instead of individual sections
  • Containment space customization to meet multiple job requirements
  • Reduced cost compared to multiple static solutions

Mass Isolation

  • Gives ECU2 mass isolation capability when used with a corridor flange
  • Containment space large enough to accommodate the longest gurneys

ECU2 5 foot modular cuff comes with a kit that includes:

  • Four 90* Plastic Sliders 57 inches
  • Four rail skirt poles
  • One black carrying bag

The patented ECU2 design and construction makes this lightweight portable solution easy to deploy, move and take-down. One person can deploy the ECU2 in about 15 minutes. The units are popular because they are effective and have been designed for easy of use; access points and functionality are built to be convenient and match workflow needs.

  • The connector cuffs are only compatible with the ECU2

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