Corridor Flange

The ECU2 modular containment unit with the Corridor Flange Accessory gives hospitals and public agencies a new readiness tool for responding to indoor mass isolation and surge capacity requirements.

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Maintenance and Construction

  • Eliminates need for messy, time-consuming barrier fabrication
  • Improves appearance of work site
  • Can be quickly and easily relocated as work progresses
  • Satisfies HRSA Critical Benchmark #2-2
  • Can be purchased under HRSA, and CDC Pandemic funding
  • Does not require any building modifications
  • Rapidly secures a large patient care area without building modifications
  • Designed to function with many traditional floor layouts: hospitals, commercial organizations, municipal facilities, airports, hotels, etc...
  • Expands the flexibility of ECU2
  • Can be affixed to corridor walls, and ceilings or smoke and fire barrier door frames to create isolated areas.
  • Can easily be installed by one person in 20 minutes
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Mass Isolation

The ECU2 Corridor Flange enables the ECU2 to function as a portable anteroom/airlock with a HEPA filtered negative air machine. By setting up directly in the corridor, the ECU2 makes use of the available space to create a large isolation area. The corridor flange seals the entryway of a hallway or ward. This prevents direct air exchange between the isolated area and general population without any building modifications. If the demand for additional isolation capacity increases, the ECU2 with the corridor flange can be quickly redeployed to increase the immediate isolation area.

Construction, Maintenance and Remediation

The ECU2 with Corridor Flange accessory can quickly and easily be used to create a negative pressure area in a specified portion of the corridor. This separates the work zone from general population and ensures air passing into patient areas has been HEPA filtered. For replacement of corridor ceilings, wall covering, carpeting and other flooring material, the corridor flange is an effective solution which minimizes disruption of work while complying with regulations. It also increases the aesthetic of the work area and patient perception of safety.


  • Polyfabric: Lightweight, durable flame-rated to U.S.

NFPA 701 standard

  • Seals to corridor with Velcro tape
  • Doors: one 36″
  • Window: one 12.0″ x 18.0″

Extended Dimensions

  • 120.0″ x 24.0″ x 144.0″
  • Dimension Adjustment:
    Length: Velcro overlap sections
    Width: Drawstrings
    Height: Velcro overlap sections
  • Weight: 20 lbs

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