The new ECU4 is the next generation of the industry-leading ECU product line that redefines ease of use. The ECU4 features YKK #10 resin zippers, repositioned set up / release pins, upgraded internal operational springs, enhanced ball-bearing wheel assembly and wheels, double reinforced nylon floor, and reduced short side width to allow entrance to all patient rooms.

The modular ECU4 is a collapsible, portable containment unit or temporary isolation during normal facility operation or during a public health emergency. Designed to be a multi-functional containment solution to help organizations maximize their return on investment, the ECU4 combines the proven functionality of the ECU AnteRoom and Ceiling Cavity.

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Deploy faster. Setup easier. Work safer.

  • Reduced short-side width frame fits through 3' doors
  • Lower service ceiling containment for sub 8-foot corridor
  • Modular and scalable
  • Single-unit, collapsible frame
  • Interchangeable disposable envelopes available for frame
  • Larger, sturdy wheel housings with ball-bearing assembly for durable service
  • Light weight rip-stop poly fabric, flame-rated to U.S. ASTM E 84
  • Four clear windows for better visibility
  • YKK #10 Resin Zippers
  • Double reinforced nylon floor
  • Sidewall access (SA) flange
  • Repositioned set up/release pins allow for easier setup and take down
  • Available mobile platform lets you roll in your ladder and tools within the ECU for ultimate convenience
Product Information

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The ECU Ceiling Cavity, ECU Anteroom and ECU4 product line are patented. All products have been clinically evaluated and rigorously tested for efficacy of particle containment, ventilation and stability in health care environments for ICRA containment requirement levels 1-4.

The ECU line of products when paired with a HEPA-filtered negative air machine, will safely contain airborne contaminants and facilitate containment projects easier, while meeting all of the required codes and standards every time for all types of construction jobs, such as:

  • Communication / IT Cabling projects
  • Electrical systems installation and maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Fire wall repair and fire inspection
  • Pneumatic Tubing installation and maintenance
  • Professional A&E inspections
  • HVAC installation and maintenance
  • Lighting fixture re-lamping & ballast replacement

ECU4 Benefits

Large, Single Unite, Collapsible Frame
  • Reduced short-side width frame from ECU3, now fits through 3′ doors
  • One person set up in 10 minutes

New Frame Features

  • making the unit easily transported to other sites and from point to point on the job site
  • Repositioned set up/release pins to allow for easier set up/take down reduced 4 positions to two
  • Requires less storage space
  • Upgraded internal operational springs
  • Improved upper folding frame foam kit
  • New larger, sturdy wheel housings can absorb heavy usage

Modular Features

  • Combine two or more ECU4 units to allow two persons on ladders working side-by-side to create a larger containment space
  • Create an anteroom/air lock for Level 4 requirements or add the Corridor Flange to contain entire corridors or floors
  • Longer modular cuff accessory creates contained protective staging area and an air lock for spatial separation of the project space

Envelope Combines Ceiling Cavity and Wall Access Points

  • YKK #10 resin zippers
  • Four doors with windows to clearly see through the ECU when repositioning it in the patient corridor while remaining set up, two convenience ports and permit pouch
  • Engineered to provide Levels 1-4 ICRA containment requirements

New Lightweight Rip-Stop Poly Fabric, Flame Rated to U.S. ASTM E 84

  • External frame makes ECU easy to clean with standard hospital disinfectants

ECU4 Specifications

  • New tan, lightweight, rip-stop poly fabric, flame-rated to U.S. ASTM E 84
  • Four doors: (two narrow, two wide cargo):
  • Wide: 48″, narrow: 22″
  • Four clear windows: 14.0″ x 40.0″
  • Two negative air ports in removal panel format
  • 12.5″ round port with drawstring and seal
  • Collapsed dimensions: 12.0″ x 12.0″ x 66.0″
  • Extended dimensions:
    • Footprint: 31.31″ x 61.0″
    • Height: 7.0′ to 10.6′
    • Weight: 44.7 lbs.

ECU Mobile Platform 4 specifications

  • Components: aluminum platform, Velcro locking straps
  • Weight: 58 lbs. Dim. 31.874″ W x 66.774″ L
  • Optional tow cart available for caddying NAM
  • Caster upgrade to 650 lbs each
  • Reinforced floor, dark gray
  • 3.5″ round HEPA vacuum port w/drawstring & seal
  • Clear pouch to display work/infection control permit.
  • Weight: 15.52 lbs.
  • Optional sidewall accessory: 20.0″ long, flares
  • 44.0″ to 58.0″ Weight 6.7 lbs.

ECU Corridor Flange Specifications

  • Poly fabric: Lightweight, durable flame-rated to U.S. ASTM E 84 standard
  • Seals to corridor with Velcro tape
  • Doors: one 36″ Window: one 12.0″ x 18.0″
Extended Dimensions
  • 120.0″ x 24.0″ x 144.0″
  • Dimension Adjustment:
    • Length: Velcro overlap sections
    • Width: Drawstrings
    • Height: Velcro overlap sections
  • Weight: 20 lbs.

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