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    Mintie Improves the Air Quality and HVAC efficiency by:

    • Restoring the HVAC system by removing the accumulation of non-adhered particulates and contaminates, which are compromising the system functions or being discharged into the occupied space
    • Eliminating odors lurking in the HVAC system and implementing proactive, long-term measures for odor control
    • Cleaning and restoring HVAC systems that have been compromised by smoke, fire and/or water damage
    • Eliminating the accumulation of particulates and contaminates as a result of infestation from birds, rodents, insects and their byproducts
    • Removing construction debris and dust from the HVAC system
    • Addressing microbial concerns and contamination
    • Reducing costly repairs to HVAC components and increasing energy efficiency by cleaning and maintaining HVAC equipment

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    HVAC Restoration and Air Duct Cleaning

    Throughout this pandemic, we all have heard plenty about COVID-19 and the spread of contaminants. This is where the facility’s HVAC systems and air ducts...

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    Air Handler Refurbishment

    Like HVAC systems and air ducts, air handler units are significant for proper air flow and they also need to be well maintained and refurbished to increase...

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    So, your indoor air quality improvement has been completed. Mintie is one-stop shop that also offers disinfection. Initial disinfection...

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    Indoor Air Quality
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    Our Work Spans Major Industries

    Our client base is a diverse mix of companies, ranging from market leaders to entrepreneurial start-ups within healthcare, biotechnology, entertainment, aerospace, manufacturing, commercial real estate, and more. We offer a variety of custom applications for both our services and products relative to your specific industry and needs.

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    Discharge Coil Plenum

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    Fan Plenum

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    Fan Plenum

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    Fan Discharge Plenum

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    Supply Duct Work

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    What Our Clients Say

    Andrea L. Sargeant – UC Irvine Health

    I wanted to follow up and let you know that the staff that did the air duct cleaning did a wonderful job. They were polite and courteous. They were able to complete the job with very little noise or disruption to our function here and especially after the disruptions of the previous night we really appreciated this. Please pass my appreciation on for their hard work. Thank you again.

    Jose R. Cea – Keck School of Medicine of USC

    I’ve met with the occupant on several occasions since the work was completed and have brought up the odor issue. The occupant has not mentioned smelling any odors, similar to the prior experiences. Looks like the combination of changing the carpet and having the cavities sealed by Mintie, have achieved positive results! Nice job Mike, we appreciate your follow-through on this. Jose – thank you for your diligence and discovering the cavities!

    Jesse. J Ochoa – Cal Poly Pomona University

    Just wanted to tell you that the campus is grateful for your ability to commit to Cal Poly for the recent Disinfecting projects. Campus always speaks highly of Jose and his men.

    Officer Kristian Willingham – California Highway Patrol

    Thank you for coming out to our office on short notice and the quick proposal. Mr. Munoz was great to walk around with last week. He was very knowledgeable and I was able to pick his brain to learn a few more things about our system/ the cleaning process.

    James Watson

    “I don’t know where we would be without Mintie and their professional services. They are saving us valuable time and money and making the process enjoyable as well.”

    Sarah Goldstein

    “Mintie’s service was impeccable compared to the other companies we have used in the past. They were professional and always responded in a quick manner.”

    Roger Smith

    “Mintie has come through for us time and time again while educating us on the best practices along the way. It really helps build trust and we will always be a Mintie customer.”