Air Handler Refurbishment

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Air handler units (AHU) are constantly at work to maintain a comfortable building environment. While AHUs have an average lifespan of 20-25 years when properly maintained and serviced, they may become less efficient and effect overall indoor air quality as they age.

For the indoor air quality to remain comfortable, the air handlers need to operate without issue. We frequently see AHUs that are 25-50+ years old and still in service, but they do not always run as well as they did when first installed.

As the AHU ages, it will continue to provide air flow but there may be more instances of poor or uneven conditioning and temperature control. While proper maintenance can improve the efficiency for a time, the additional benefits of air handler refurbishment include:

  • Extend the potential lifespan of the AHU by 15-20 years
  • Save or delay the major expense and significant downtime of a full air handler replacement
  • Improved indoor air quality, airflow efficiency and comfort level of space
  • Reduced maintenance costs related to air handler cleaning, damage from AHU water leaks, standing water or structural issues
  • Reduced energy usage

The Mintie Corporation has been in the indoor air quality business since 1940. Our team of highly trained professionals has completed 30-hour OSHA training and will provide your business with quality results on every job. We are compliant with all regulatory standards, including NFPA, ASHRAE, The Joint Commission, EPA and others.

Our process

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    Cleaning and maintenance

  • 2

    Coil restoration

  • 3

    Coating applications

Replacing worn or damaged gaskets, cleaning cooling coil, filtration equipment and air blowers

Eliminate biofilm buildup on internal and external surfaces of HVAC coils through proper, microscopic level cleaning and disinfecting using environmentally- friendly surfactants.

Remove previous coating, flaking and corrosion, repair damaged areas, prepare and contour surfaces as needed, and apply a durable composite coating that consists of an engineered epoxy, advanced fire barrier and antimicrobial waterproof topcoat.


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We are highly trained HVAC Systems cleaning/rehabilitation specialists with NADCA certifications.

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We use HEPA filtered negative air machines during cleaning to prevent the spread of dust borne pathogens.

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In case of emergency, our rapid response teams can begin time sensitive work within 24 hours.

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