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Mintie uses professional-grade products to clean and help disinfect your facility. With the current transmission of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), CDC recommended protocol includes thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in the workplace to help mitigate the risk of transmission of emerging viral pathogens. 

Our process

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    Incident Site Risk and Assessment

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    Load Reduction

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    Detail Forensic Cleaning

Gather as much information before arriving at the site as this will help define the needs of the job. Once on site, it is crucial to establish the clear zone, the transition zone and the operating zone. This is very important for infection/contamination control. We will be using an ECU ante room for the transition zone.

The size of the area to be cleaned or the time in which the area needs to be turned over will determine the size of crew needed. Crew will first go through with an electric spray gun spraying all the large items (empty tables, chairs, walls, and floors).

Load reduction is an effective means of the proper removal and disposal of gross biocontamination. Crew to remove anything directly affected from the person or person infected. Cloth materials, papers, personal items, work phone and any items person may have touched frequently or possibly coughed and/or sneezed on should be placed in a biohazard bag and container for proper disposal. Desks and other large, hard service furniture can be salvaged.

Second crew will come through with spray bottles of disinfectant and microfiber towels, knocking down any puddles of disinfectant left from pre-disinfecting step. This will be followed by in-detail cleaning and misting of sensitive areas and items not able to be sprayed such as computers, phones, inside of drawers and personal items.


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Mintie Professionals

We are highly trained HVAC Systems cleaning/rehabilitation specialists with NADCA certifications.

Environmental Awareness

We use HEPA filtered negative air machines during cleaning to prevent the spread of dust borne pathogens.

Rapid Response

In case of emergency, our rapid response teams can begin time sensitive work within 24 hours.

Continuous Availability

You can reach our team of respected service specialists anytime for answers to questions you may have.


Mintie provides complete visual & written documentation authenticating the quality and scope of service

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