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Of all the components that make up a fire protection system, fire dampers are the most difficult to maintain. Located within HVAC system ductwork, these dampers prevent the spread of fire or smoke to other portions of the building through the HVAC system. Mintie’s fire damper inspection and recertification services help customers stay in compliance with the necessary codes and standards of the NFPA, JCAHO, and UL for fire and smoke dampers.

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Identifies and maps the location of all fire damper assemblies on facility mechanical blueprints.

Manually inspects and tests all fire dampers and adds duct access panels where necessary.

Identifies and reports all fire damper assemblies that are damaged and in need of repair or replacement.

Cleans and lubricates each fire damper (as required), and ensures that none of the fire dampers are left permanently wired in open position

Provides all necessary infectious material containment support services.

Provides a post-project report with photo documentation and log, identifying cleaned dampers with new fusible links reinstalled.


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Mintie Professionals

We are highly trained HVAC Systems cleaning/rehabilitation specialists with NADCA certifications.

Environmental Awareness

We use HEPA filtered negative air machines during cleaning to prevent the spread of dust borne pathogens.

Rapid Response

In case of emergency, our rapid response teams can begin time sensitive work within 24 hours.

Continuous Availability

You can reach our team of respected service specialists anytime for answers to questions you may have.


Mintie provides complete visual & written documentation authenticating the quality and scope of service

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