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HVAC systems work hard to provide comfortable indoor environments but over time will collect dirt, debris, allergens, and other particulates. The HVAC system operation also uses moisture which can provide a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and other microorganisms which will accumulate and spread throughout the system, accelerating the degradation of system components. Coupled with the buildup of debris over time, this can eventually cause the air quality to suffer dramatically and create discomfort from the distribution of poorly conditioned air.

When this happens, HVAC equipment and systems need to work harder than necessary and use more energy. One of the most important strategies for achieving acceptable indoor air quality is preventative cleaning and restoration of all HVAC system components. As the HVAC equipment continues to age, it may not operate as efficiently over time, and restoration or replacement of the HVAC system is needed. Restoration can represent a cost savings of up to 10%-30% the cost of total AHU replacement and has significantly less downtime.

Our process

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  • 1

    Visual inspection

  • 2

    Comprehensive cleaning

  • 3

    Restoration of system components

  • 4

    Insulation Removal, repair or replacement

Visual inspection of the HVAC system, including: Air Handler - interior insulation, supply fan, fan blades, fan plenum, coils, condensate pan, filters and metal surfaces. Distribution system - ductwork, VAVs, reheats, diffusers

Comprehensive cleaning, including; HEPA vacuuming, washing, hand wipe down and fogging with EPA antifungal agent where required

Restoration of system components, including; - Wire brushing – Manual cleaning with wire brush to agitate and remove as much of the particulates as possible - HEPA vacuuming - Utilize HEPA filtered vacuums for debris collection to prevent dust borne particle dispersion outside the HVAC system - Rust remediation and resurfacing - Can be performed on internal/external panels, condensate pans, duct work, housings, framework, and much more. Exposure to moisture, corrosion and rust buildup can cause the system components to break down or reduce their ability to function properly. Rust particles can also enter the air stream and contaminate indoor common areas. Our team will remediate rust then apply a top coating to prevent rust from re-appearing. In exposed areas where corrosion has eaten through, components will be patched and repaired prior to top coat application

One of the more fragile components of an HVAC system is the insulation. It will breakdown over time due to external environmental conditions as well as constant heating and cooling and continuous, rapid air flow. As this occurs, particulates can travel into the air stream and contaminate work environments, cause potential health issues and irritations. In some instances, replacement may be required and in others, encapsulation of the existing internal insulation is an option. Encapsulation will lock in fibers and particulates embedded in the insulation to prevent contamination in common areas, creating a new surface that can extend the life of the installed lining. If mold/bacteria are present, we also offer anti-Microbial encapsulation.


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