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Preventative maintenance of ceiling and interstitial space can often be delayed until there is a serious problem. Dust borne particulates and unhealthy contaminants, however, may accumulate fast enough to create a health concern within a facility.

Our process

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  • 1

    Plenum and interstitial space cleaning and decontamination

  • 2

    Ceiling cavity condition control and maintenance

  • 3

    Light fixture maintenance

  • 4

    Ceiling tile maintenance

This service is performed using HEPA filtered vacuums; to clean the pipes, conduits, exterior ductwork, vertical walls, and other structural and utility component surfaces

Mintie surveys the ceiling cavity for any plumbing, mechanical or electrical deficiencies, including fire wall penetrations and/or other code related issues found in the cavity.

This service entails the flourescent fixture cleaning, light and ballast replacements

This includes the general cleaning and replacement of ceiling tiles


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Mintie Professionals

We are highly trained HVAC Systems cleaning/rehabilitation specialists with NADCA certifications.

Environmental Awareness

We use HEPA filtered negative air machines during cleaning to prevent the spread of dust borne pathogens.

Rapid Response

In case of emergency, our rapid response teams can begin time sensitive work within 24 hours.

Continuous Availability

You can reach our team of respected service specialists anytime for answers to questions you may have.


Mintie provides complete visual & written documentation authenticating the quality and scope of service

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